Cow, goat and sheep cheese

Cheese “LAZAROVA” is produced by a traditional recipe in modern equipped workshop by qualified personnel.

Original Bulgarian starter cultures for cheese are used, giving a unique flavour of the product.


Cow cheese

  • It is characterized by high nutritional value, mainly due to the high content of essential proteins (17-18%) and milk fat (22-25%).
  • It is rich in minerals, especially Ca and a variety of vitamins (especially A and D).
  • The high content of amino acids, calcium and phosphorus makes it a valuable food in diseases associated with degradation of tissue protein or loss of calcium (rickets, osteoporosis).
  • Because the cheese is rich in calcium, its daily consumption helps to strengthen the bones and prevents dental caries.

Goat cheese

  • The goat cheese is very rich in healthy lactic acid bacteria that prevent the development of pathogenic microorganisms and this indicator of its is far superior to most dairy products.
  • The goat milk has significantly less lactose than the cow’s milk, as well as a different protein structure. This allows even some people intolerant to ordinary cheese to eat it in limited quantities without unpleasant consequences.
  • The goat cheese is rich in protein, cobalt salts, vitamins A, B, riboflavin, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.
  • Some scientists call it a “natural antibiotic” because it protects us from a number of diseases. Its great advantage is that it is digested in the stomach for 20 minutes, while the cow is required six times more.
  • The goat cheese is valued also in dietary meals because it has 40% fewer calories than the cow’s one.
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