Most widely advocated is the range of lactic acid products produced by Bulgarian probiotic starter. The used in the yeast strains have been isolated from natural sources.

The uniqueness of Bulgarian yogurt is the living symbiotic starter consisting of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus - the so called Bulgarian rod - and Streptococcus Thermophilus. The rod-shaped bacteria was named by its discoverer, Stamen Grigorov, Bacillus Bulgaricus which is now known worldwide as The Lactobacilli of Longevity.

The microorganisms survive the gastrointestinal tract conditions, implant themselves and multiply while maintaining the desired level of useful intestinal microflora; they enhance the protective properties of the organism and help it to extricate the toxins.

Trademarks by which the yoghurts are known in the market:

  • Cow milk yoghurt “Zdrave” - 0.5% - intended for people who follow low-calorie diet
  • Cow milk yoghurt “Feya” - 2.2% - intended for people with lower physical activity
  • Cow milk yoghurt “Lazarova” - 3.3% - for a wide range of users of all ages, milk that the company experts recommend for risk groups - children and the elderly
  • Cow milk yoghurt “Perla” - 3.6%, with a strong flavour and soft milky-sour taste for people of working age
  • Yoghurt “Unikat” - 4% - for working people with busy physical activity
  •  Sheep milk yoghurt - for connoisseurs of exquisite taste
Lazarova - Dairy plant, YoughurtLazarova - Dairy plant, YoughurtLazarova - Dairy plant, Youghurt